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DTmobile’s 3D logistics Structure Strengthening Network Building Support

(March 26th, by Yue Ming) DTmobile, an innovative leader in the communication field in China, occupies an important position in TD industry chain and is well known for its steady technological expertise and strong business capabilities.
Faced with a fast growing mobile Internet sector, DTmobile seeks to meet demand by ongoing internal adjustment and adaptation. At present, a 3-D logistics system has taken shape in DTmobile, which not only improves the company’s scale development and service, but also provides solid support for meeting the networking needs of its operator customers.
Strengthen the Top-level Design so as to establish a Good Logistics Management Platform
For many years DTmobile has been using a logistics management system that is characterized by unified deployment, advancement and implementation, which strengthens internal and external cooperation ties within the company, and guarantees the smooth progress of operator network building.
DTmobile has established an intensive internal management-based platform as well as a third-party logistics management platform. Effective linkage between project supporting materials, finished products warehouses, truck transport, secondary allocations, and so on to ensure that production, storage and dispatch run smoothly.
Production schedules are based on need and on the preparation of products in advance, thereby facilitating speedy supply
In terms of the management of production and logistics, DTmobile has created a large-scale production and logistics base with Songjiang, Shanghai as the hub. This base integrates material warehouses, semi-finished product warehouses, and production workshops in such a way that the supply network has 100% domestic coverage and coverage of most areas globally.
LTE networking projects typically have tight schedules and substantial equipment requirements. To accommodate this DTmobile established a responsive mechanism and an effective risk management system to ensure speedy supply based on the individual demands of customers. “With extensive interaction with customers at the front end, and precise analysis of the process, we can meet customers’ expectations in a timely and effective manner. On the basis of their demands and our existing storage space, we draft production plans. For us, this model ensures fast turnover of materials and finished products and continuous improvement in operational efficiency; for customers, it guarantees fast-tracked supply,” a spokesperson for DTmobile said.
In 2014, in addition to the large-scale deployment of the China Mobile TD-LTE commercial network, DTmobile will also commence cooperation with China Telecom and China Unicom, regarding which the spokesperson added, “DTmobile will always prioritize the plans of our customers and the quality of projects. We have taken professional measures to guarantee improved production line capacity, set up an emergent dispatch mechanism, and pre-arranged plans for capacity and shipment reservations. We are confident that we can efficiently supply industry-leading products.”
Efficient Product Delivery Channel Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
DTmobile’s emphasis on logistics and dispatch, just like its control of production, also contributes to boosting the confidence of partners and customers. After many years of preparatory work, DTmobile established a logistics guarantee system that brings together logistics planning, management and operations. The combination of a range of resources, both internal and external, offers customers the best possible delivery option.
In terms of integration and packaging, DTmobile can accommodate a variety of shipment options, such as single-station packaging and sorted packaging, depending on customer need. As for delivery and transport, DTmobile capitalizes on the consolidation of multi-party logistics resources and its own logistics management information system platform, providing logistics support including transport, storage, dispatch, and express delivery across the country.
Additionally, DTmobile utilizes advanced IT tools, such as the logistics management information system and computer network software & hardware, which enable business process consolidation and standardization of control over the internal management structure and links. Precise and efficient voucher processing not only lowers the logistics operation costs, but also provides logistics process virtualization, greatly boosting work efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Until the end of 2013, DTmobile had completed 6 phases  of the TD network construction. Including the LTE expansion trial network and 20,000 base stations in TD phase 1, DTmobile has more than 70,000 base stations in total, with equipment covering 82 cities in 23 provinces across China.. “In the future, we aim to continue to provide guaranteed service for operators with effective resource allocation and efficient delivery channels,” a DTmobile spokesperson said, adding “the improvements we've made in our production and delivery processes will boost the confidence of operators in DTmobile.”
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